May 1, 2014
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Update: - April 11 & 12, 2015 has been reserved

for our NEXT Communications Adademy!

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A Continuing Education Conference for Volunteer
Emergency Communicators - was on March 22-23, 2014

Two days of training and information on various aspects of emergency communications. Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES©); Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS); EOC Support Teams; Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), Civil Air Patrol, Coast Guard Auxiliary, REACT, CERT and anyone interested in emergency communications should attend. Learn, network, and share your experiences with others.

Our 2014 Communications Academy theme was:

“The Changing Role of EmComm Volunteers

The 16th annual Communications Academy was held at:

South Seattle Community College
6000 16th Avenue S.W. - Seattle, WA 98106-1499

Saturday - 13:00 - Van Emergency Activation Drill – (outside) --> Come see a basic presentation and mock scenario with some from our own communities.  Learn how some of our communications teams cope with adverse challenges!

Visit the THOR Shield Mobile Emergency Communications and Command Center display,

and Experience the Next Geration in Emergency Communications!(Click on the picture above for more informaton about the THOR Mobile Command vehicle!)

The Communications Academy is open to anyone with an interest in emergency communications, volunteer or professional. The presentations are designed to promote the development of knowledgeable, skilled emergency communicators who will support their local communities during a disaster or emergency response.

Thanks to all who continue to make this event a big success!

Promotional Handout - Half Page Flyer

Mission Number: 14-T-095

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