Comm Academy Sponsors - thank you!

Comm Academy 2022 is free largely due to our generous financial sponsors and supporting organizations. As you enjoy the conference, please keep the following companies and organizations in mind for making this conference a reality this year.

ADCOMM Engineering

ADCOMM provides communications consulting engineering and professional project management services for critical communications systems. We ensure public safety and public service agencies can communicate when and how they need to, where they need to do it. ADCOMM is vendor neutral; we are an independent consultant who advocates for our clients to ensure they get the right solution, using the right products and services, that best meet their needs.

Our staff includes registered professional engineers and certified project management professionals. ADCOMM is veteran owned and is a certified woman- and minority-owned business in Oregon and Washington.

Cascadia Radio

Cascadia Radio is a free, online community of Pacific Northwest amateur radio operators.

Cascadia Radio was created out of a desire to help organize regional amateur radio events and stay in touch with people in a modern way. Cascadia Radio does not intend to be a traditional Amateur Radio Club, nor replace the many excellent and established clubs in the area.

We have discussion channels in a Slack workspace for topics such as HF, emergency communications (EMCOMM), digital modes, new technology, and much more. Clubs or project specific groups are welcome to request an organization-specific channel in the workspace as well.

During the event, a special set of Comm Academy specific channels are open for participants and speakers to socialize! You will be automatically added to these when you join during the event.

Join the community today: https://www.cascadiaradio.org/

Puget Sound Energy

During our more than 145-year history one thing has remained constant: PSE's focus on safe, reliable, affordable energy service. And we're proud of our legacy: a commitment to great customer service and helping to make our communities better places to live and work.

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service (Seattle ACS) is an emergency communications team of approximately 150 trained volunteers serving the City of Seattle, sponsored by the Seattle Office of Emergency Management and has been in operation since 1993. Team members are licensed amateur radio operators and registered state emergency workers.

Snohomish County Auxiliary Communications Service

Snohomish County ACS provides communications services to Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management and member agencies through the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) function as well as county hospitals and the Snohomish County Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross via the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) function. These have been two separate teams in the past and have been combined into one larger team trained to handle all the served agencies. This allows more opportunities for members to serve in a larger number of roles. It also creates a single point of contact for these agencies to receive communications support.

The American Radio Relay League

ARRL's Mission Statement: To advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio.

ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the US. Founded in 1914 by Hiram Percy Maxim as The American Radio Relay League, ARRL is a noncommercial organization of radio amateurs. ARRL numbers within its ranks the vast majority of active radio amateurs in the nation and has a proud history of achievement as the standard-bearer in amateur affairs. ARRL’s underpinnings as Amateur Radio’s witness, partner and forum are defined by five pillars: Public Service, Advocacy, Education, Technology, and Membership.

The Sales Group

Founded as a California corporation in 1987, The Sales Group, Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative company serving the wireless communications and public safety markets in thirteen western states. We specialize in radio system infrastructure, two-way radio, test equipment and specialized equipment for 9-1-1 communications centers, transportation, military, utility and industrial command and control rooms.

Our team has expertise in the products and solutions to help meet industry needs and government regulations.

Western Washington Medical Services Emergency Communications Team

The role of the Medical Services Communications Team is to provide vital emergency communications between medical facilities and suppliers in the community, local governments, and other emergency management agencies during disaster situations, when normal communications are inoperable or disrupted, utilizing Amateur Radio voice or digital networks, and other appropriate communications media.

The Western Washington Medical Services Emergency Communications Team is the non-profit organization supporting Comm Academy.

Western Washington Regional Interference Committee

The WWRIC is a non-profit organization that exists to promote the clean, efficient use of the radio spectrum by establishing radio site engineering standards, problem resolution, lobbying the FCC and creating an opportunity for interaction between users of RF based systems.